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FAQs - Smart Solutions Rehab Group

What NDIS services do you provide?

We provide a full range of Allied Health Services including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Podiatry and Social Work.

Can I choose just one NDIS service?

Yes, you can choose any number of services as required. For example, you may only need OT at this stage in your NDIS journey, because your first priority is needing a Complex Home Modification. You are welcome to change or update the service types that you need at any time.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. All changes or cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time or the consultation fee applies.

How do I provide feedback about the service I have received?

Because we are always looking to offer the highest quality of service, we appreciate all feedback. If you would like to provide feedback you can email us at or download our Satisfaction Survey and email this also to

Can I receive my services through different delivery methods or at multiple locations if I need?

Yes! If you would like to receive some services in clinic, some at home and some via telehealth or at your local, pool or gym, you are welcome to choose or change the location or delivery method at any time. Our therapists will work flexibly according to your needs.

What happens if I have received a quote for services but don’t end up needing all the services?

You will be invoiced weekly, and only be charged for the services that have been provided. Sometimes services are completed earlier than expected and this is completely ok!

Do you have a process for reporting incidents?

SSRG is a fully registered NDIS business verified by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. This means we have a robust incident reporting procedure in place. We are dedicated to protecting all our clients, and ensuring the provision of safe, quality services, which includes the appropriate protocols for handling unsafe practices. Please see our incident flyer for more information.

How you do keep my information private?

SSRG has a robust privacy policy to protect your information. You can view our privacy policy here.

Can I choose my clinician?

We work hard to allocate a clinician with the appropriate skillset and expertise for your unique needs. Our NDIS Service Coordinators will work with you to establish the best clinician for you when you contact us.

How long will the Initial Consultation take?

Usually your first consultation will take up to 60-90 minutes. The duration will vary from person to person, but usually the clinician requires this time to begin getting to know you and understand your needs.

Can I choose the mix of services that I believe will benefit me the most?

In conjunction with your clinician, you will be able to discuss which services you believe will provide the greatest benefit, and then your care plan can be customised accordingly.

How often will I need to receive treatment or attend services?

This will depend on your individual requirements. Some clients may start noticing results after only a few sessions, whereas others will have more comprehensive long-term goals, which may require more intensive consultations over a longer timeframe.

What is an example of an integrated solution?

To help you achieve appropriate clinical outcomes, our team can take a collaborative approach to your therapy. An example of this might look similar to the following scenario:

  • A Podiatrist assisting you with the correct shoes, so you can walk well
  • A Physiotherapist developing an exercise plan to reduce pain and imbalance
  • An Occupational Therapist assessing and scripting the appropriate equipment to support your mobility and independence
  • A Social Worker helping you to develop strategies to deal with stress, fears, worry and anxiety
  • A Dietitian advising you on the best foods to support your energy levels

You can read more about our integrated solutions here

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