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Working together for better therapy outcomes: A multi-disciplinary approach

One NDIS plan, many NDIS service providers

As an NDIS participant, you may have received funding for multiple services as part of your NDIS plan. While a multi-disciplinary approach is important in the realisation of goals and outcomes identified in your plan, it can be overwhelming to navigate the many service providers available, especially when sourcing services across multiple disciplines. Everything is multiplied – the phone calls, waitlists, referral forms and the process of telling your story to one therapist after another.

A multi-disciplinary model

A multi-disciplinary service delivery model involves collaboration between several Allied Health disciplines. Depending on the complexity and scope of the needs identified in your NDIS plan, a multi-disciplinary model of care might be considered the most effective way for you to reach your NDIS goals. However, engaging therapists from different organisations can make collaboration difficult.

Simplify the process to optimise outcomes

Multi-disciplinary Allied Health practices offer several benefits. This is because the model of care is strategically designed to promote collaboration between clinicians in a way that simplifies your NDIS experience but also optimises outcomes. As a multi-disciplinary Allied Health service, Smart Solutions Rehab Group has identified several benefits clients experience through being able to access a variety of services through a single provider.

Simplified referral process

Working with a multi-disciplinary service provider simplifies the referral process. Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming, and if your desired outcomes are better reached through a variety of interventions or supports from different therapies, this may exacerbate the stress of choosing the right provider.  Our Service Coordination team regularly work with participants and their support network to help them access multiple services in a simple, streamlined process. This reduces administrative time, meaning less paperwork is required during the onboarding process, and a lot of organising can be done behind the scenes by both the service coordination team and clinical team to maximise the benefits of your face-to-face appointments.

Greater efficiency

Working with a multi-disciplinary provider allows for improved coordination of service delivery. For example, Smart Solutions Rehab Group takes a collaborative approach to service delivery to ensure optimal communication between therapists. The delivery of therapies, report writing, organising modifications, scripting of Assistive Technology, and much more can be coordinated between clinicians to maximise efficiency and deliver the best outcomes for our clients within the timeframes promised.

Optimised outcomes

A multi-disciplinary team gives clients access to a comprehensive team of experts. This facilitates a more holistic approach to client care as therapy is not interrupted by having to source different therapies from multiple clinicians who may not be able to communicate as effectively. We have found that clinicians working in different disciplines will bring a diverse range of skillsets to their therapeutic approach and collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines on shared outcomes yields positive results for our clients. Collaboration also fosters a network of support built upon shared inter-disciplinary knowledge that inspires innovation.

Working together

Better client outcomes is one of the primary reasons Smart Solutions Rehab Group has chosen a multi-disciplinary service model.  The shared knowledge, mutual support, and opportunities for innovation offered through a multi-disciplinary approach means our team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Assistants, as well as our Podiatry, Dietetics and Social Work partners can collaborate effectively on ensuring our clients reach those all-important NDIS goals.

If you would like more information about accessing NDIS therapy services or understanding how our multi-disciplinary service model can help you reach your goals, please contact our team on 1300 729 190 or email

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