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Falls Prevention

Reducing your Falls Risk in 3 easy steps!

falls prevention

A few years ago, I was rushing out the door (as is my usual practice) only to find myself suddenly horizontal on the back stairs wildly grabbing for the handrail. To my shock and surprise I had fallen!

Falls can happen at any time…and usually when you least expect them. Despite the fact that I had noticed that the stairs were sitting in the shade and getting a bit ‘green’ due to all the extra rain…I hadn’t yet done anything about it. Although I was lucky enough not to break a bone…I did hurt my back (and my pride!)

Did you know that 30% of people over the age of 65 have a fall? And this only increases as we get older. Sometimes the effect of fall can be minor (not to mention the knock to the confidence) but other times the results can be more serious.

So how can we avoid these falls?

The research shows that there are 3 key things that you can do to avoid falls:

  1. Exercise – Strength and balance is key
  2. Look at your health – Regularly checking your vision, continence, medication and more
  3. Remove hazards – unlike me, get those steps and gerni paths and clear away things that could be tripped over

Here at Smart Solutions Rehab Group we have an expert allied health team trained in identifying and helping you to reduce your individual falls risk. Our team can see you one on one or if you prefer, we also run 7 week group program called Stepping On. Stepping On is an internationally recognised falls prevention program and has been proven to reduce falls by 30%. It covers a range of topics including recognising risk factors, action plans to prevent falling, balance and strength exercises as well as training in how to get up off the floor if a fall does happen.

Contact us for more information or register on our Stepping On page for our next group!


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