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COVID-Safe Practice Update

SSRG Current Review

As we know, the COVID-19 situation in Victoria has sadly taken a turn for the worse this past fortnight as well as QLD once again recording cases for the first time in over 6 weeks. This has certainly given us reason for ‘pause’ and we have taken some time this week to reflect on our current practices and how we can best keep our clients, team and community safe moving forward.

Our levels of infection control, use of PPE, increased cleaning and compliance with social distancing measures has remained extremely high since the commencement of the pandemic and we have been so pleased with the commitment of the entire team towards these practices.

This week, we have reviewed best practice protocols across the state and we are satisfied that we are meeting these standards.

SSRG Actions

In the absence of any specific new government directives in QLD, we have decided on the additional actions:

  • We have updated our COVID-Safety Plan
  • We have updated our screening tools to include known hotspots and risk areas in Brisbane
  • We have implemented new work from home guidelines
  • We have implemented a new work from home decision tool for our staff to help them decide when it may be best for them to work offsite.
  • We have also been restocking our PPE and adding to our face shields and goggle supply
  • We have developed a PPE decision tool to assist with identifying the most appropriate PPE to wear at any time.

We are aiming to remain vigilant in our application of safety and infection control measures and will continue to work hard to play our part in contributing to the safety of our state and local community.


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